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A November Update

A few bits and pieces that have popped up in the month since launch…

Delivery Delays

For those of you who have ordered a book or two and are still waiting for it to arrive, I’m very sorry for the delay. Thanks to four weeks of occasional positive Covid tests (false positives, fortunately), juggling Uber rides to the post office has been ‘interesting’. However, the final bag of books will be going to the post office early next week, as soon as I can print out shipping labels.

More Books

For those of you waiting for a restock of books on my website, it should be soon. I spoke to the book supply company on Friday, and they’ve been having logistics issues. They kicked my order up the chain a bit and hopefully it will be with me next week – I’ll pop the books on the site as soon as I have them.

In the meantime, if you don’t want a signed book, The Philosophy of Whisky has now made it out to bookshops around the world. Amazon now has it internationally and for those who avoid Jeff’s Mighty Works, most of the UK’s other bookshops have it online and occasionally in store (although not Waterstones in West London, despite me living here and having emailed the local buyer), and it’s popping up in shops further afield too.

You can find a list of where you can buy it on my Buy the book page – please let me know if you have a local bookshop that I can add.

The US release is 1 May 2022, and it’s already up on Amazon for preorder. I will have US shipping available on my site shortly for those who can’t wait.


If you would like a book shipped somewhere that isn’t on the list of places I claim to ship to, please drop me an email – I’ll look into costs and all that kind of thing for you.

If you are looking for a large number of books, also give me a shout – we can definitely sort something.

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