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Happy New Year, a Bibliography and interviews

Happy new year everyone. It’s been a quiet one at TPoW HQ, although with lots of messages from folks who have read the book. Thanks to everyone who’s got in touch – it’s great to hear that so many people have enjoyed it.

I’ve done a few interviews recently and something that I’ve brought up a lot is the bibliography in the back of my book. The Philosophy of Whisky is a short book which touches on lots of topics but never goes particularly deep – that was very much the plan. If you want to dig deeper, then the books in the bibliography are, in my opinion, where to start. They’re the books that I read to learn about whisky, the books I use to look up information every day and the books I used to research The Philosophy of Whisky – I think they’re all rather good.

So, if you were looking for more books to read about the wonders of whisky (and flavour and aroma), head over to the Bibliography page for the complete list from the book. There are a bunch of affiliate links there (Amazon at the moment, with more non-Bezos companies to follow), but if you can grab them from your local bookshop, please do – I’ve only just discovered that I have one (Pitshanger Books) and see a visit in my very near future.

And as mentioned, I’ve done some interviews about the book and booze in general. You can find them over on the Media page, including this one I shot with Vin of No Nonsense Whisky – we rambled for a couple of hours, so there’s some excellent editing work by him to keep it down to just over an hour:

The next update will be once things calm down a bit and I can start scheduling in some shows, events and book signings for spring 2022 – things are in progress, but it’s all up in the air. However, exciting things are ahead.

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