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Club Oenologique

At its heart, this is one man’s love letter to whisky, and one that everyone and anyone who shares Abbott’s passion should read. If you haven’t fallen in love with whisky yet, this might convince you otherwise. 

Joel Harrison – full review

The Keeper

The Philosophy of Whisky is quirky and, at times, humourous, helping to deliver a knowledgeable insight into the history of worldwide whisky.

Nicola Young – more about The Keeper

Watt Whisky

It’s an easy, enjoyable read that somehow teaches you things without you even noticing it.

Mark Watt – full review

The Philosophy Of Whisky is a decent introduction to the topic, written with wit and insight. Billy has accomplished the rare feat of making an accessible text interesting to experts and novices alike, and should be applauded for it.

Philip Storry – full review

Blair Bowman

A brilliant romp around the world of whisky with the wonderful Billy as your trusty guide.

Blair Bowman – full article

Jason B Standing

The book is easily consumable, but full of quality, well-researched information alongside a healthy dash of opinion – geared toward providing people with what they need to get on with the business of exploring and enjoying whisky.

Jason B Standing – full review

Whisky Monster

I found myself learning new things at the moments I thought I wasn’t. I believe that is what this book is about.

Whisky Monster – full review


Billy Abbott gives us a hugely readable frolic through the world of whisky that is entertaining, informative and uniquely his own.

Fat Englishman – full review (with tasting notes)

A really enjoyable, engaging, but also light hearted slalom through the world of whisky that you can happily devour in an hour or so.

Andy at Malt Box – full review



Harmless but enjoyable.

A Goodreads Reviewer – on Goodreads