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The Philosophy of WhiskyCast

A very quick update to announce that I’ll be a guest on WhiskyCast this Friday, 14 January 2022, at 10pm UK time.

Mark Gillespie is the original whisky podcaster, and I’ve been listening to and learning from him since the early days of WhiskyCast. Over the years he’s expanded WhiskyCast into a multimedia enterprise and his Friday Night Happy Hour is returning this week after a few-months with only a couple of shows. Mark was down with a #ConcussionFromHell but is on the mend and firing up the Friday-night show again, with me and Canadian whisky writer, and chair of the Canadian Whisky Awards, Davin de Kergommeaux as his first guests.

You can watch along on Facebook, YouTube and (I think…) Twitter at 10pm on Friday 14 January 2022. Please don’t heckle…too much.

Update: It’s now available to watch on YouTube:

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