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The Wine Weekend

The Wine Weekend

With summer in full swing, I’m off to another show with The Philosophy of Whisky. This time, it’s something a little different – The Wine Weekend in Maidstone on 16 July 2022.

Among the (too long) list of things that I get up to in the world of booze, I am a committee member of The Circle of Wine Writers. There’s a silent ‘and spirits’ after the word wine, and I while I don’t write about wine, I do write about everything else boozy enough that they’ve not only let me in, but put me in charge of The Circle website, among other things. It’s a great group and it means that I get to hang out with some of the world’s best wine writers and expand my knowledge into non-distilled things.

As part of that, award-winning writer Liz Sagues – best known for her books on English wine – and I will be heading down to The Wine Weekend in Maidstone with a pile of books and, hopefully, some whisky to share. We’ll definitely have copies of our own books to sell and sign and might even have a few more things written by Circle members on sale.

If you’re down at the festival, make sure to pop by and say hello, and if you’re not busy that weekend, the venue isn’t far from Maidstone station…

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